March 30, 2013

Clients occasionally tell me “we don’t need to advertise, everyone knows us, we’ve been around for decades.” I usually launch into my standard pitch that the world is changing faster, that their clients are changing, etc. and that you just can’t assume everyone knows about you.

With EaPeeps Photoster arriving, I guess I should share with them my relationship with Peeps, the iconic Easter treat that is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Just Born Inc. hatches 5 million a day. And guess what, I’ve never tasted one.

Yep, the spongy confection made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin was never in my Easter basket. I don’t think I am alone. Perhaps that is why Peeps is launching its first TV ad in a decade. I guess I will have to try one. I like their current marketing pitch: “Love them or hate them, people do all sorts of things with Peeps, only some of which involve giving them to kids at Easter or eating them straight from the box.” 

One comment

  1. Oh, whew, thanks for the reminder! This has been a traditional candy treat for my East Coast born wife. Every year since a young child, it’s been one of the few confections she looks forward to. Our family, all Westerners, cut our Easter teeth on See’s Candy.

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