March 22, 2013

The national Republican Party recently released a scathing self-analysis of their party that minces no words. “Public perception of the party is at record lows,” the report says. In focus groups, voters who said they had left the Republican Party described the GOP as “scary,” “narrow-minded,” “out of touch,” and as the party of “stuffy, old men.”

While I don’t comment or take sides in politics in this blog, I think your business can learn a lot from the Republicans. As I point out in my book, you need to conduct a postmortem on every marketing campaign. But too often these reviews are sugar-coated, so they don’t offend the bosses that approved your good (or bad) ideas. While marketing is all about perceptions, marketing strategy and planning is all about reality. Make sure your reports are brutally honest like the GOP. Then your business will be better off in four years too.

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  1. Like the GOP?? :º

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