February 20, 2013

As many of you know, my firm now offers email marketing services. Why did I start this service?  Because I am convinced it is one of the most critical marketing tools today since it delivers your messages directly to the most personal digital space – a person’s inbox. Just look at some numbers, courtesy of the 2012 Channel Preference Survey by ExactTarget, and you will understand why email marketing can drive traffic to your business:

  • 96 percent of online consumers use email at least weekly
  • 66 percent have made a purchase after receiving an email marketing message
  • 76 percent prefer email over all other channels for customer service messages

Brianne Bauer, a publicist and writer from Minneapolis, shared some fun statistics in a recent blog: If Facebook were a country (850 million), it would be the world’s third-largest country.  If email users formed a country (2.9 billion), it would be an empire.

Of course, email marketing has to be done right, or it will be perceived as annoying and won’t be opened. If you are thinking of using email marketing, email me, and I will send you my free POWERSHIFT MARKETING: TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL EMAIL MARKETING. No cost or obligation.

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