November 26, 2012

If you buy TV advertising, and you should, you know that live TV viewing continues to decline. But the question is why? Traditional wisdom has said that part of this issue is “time shifting,” recording shows to watch later.

While TV executives often blame DVRs (digital video recorders) for the sharp declines in live viewing, a recent Wall St. Journal story (November 14th), reveals that current television research (Nielsen) shows that both DVR and live viewing are declining at about the same rate. Why?

As I have stated before, people are actually watching more TV today, but they are watching their favorite shows via on-demand services or online via a variety of computer options. As we head into Cyber Monday, this trend is only going to grow as a host of new tablets (iPad Mini, the Surface, Kindle Fire HD, etc.) invade the Christmas tree.

HOLIDAY WARNING TO MARKETERS: You must be looking at three-screen (broadcast, mobile and computer) strategies in 2013 for your TV commercials.

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