November 2, 2012

As we approach 2013, many businesses are facing the same issue: Should they print their guide, magazine or catalog or do they go 100% digital? And if they go digital, do they create an app or a website that will work on tablets or smartphones? Good questions.

First, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t believe print is dead. So, if you want to reach ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS you will need to keep some print, especially if you rely on baby boomers for a market. But you need to also must publish your content digitally, either by creating an app or a special website.

Tablet apps are everywhere.  In a recent Ad Age story the Magazine Publishers Association reported that 1,728 magazine apps were released in the third quarter of 2012 alone. But there are signs that this is slowing in favor of developing websites that display well on tablets and phones. I believe the sheer number of magazine/publication apps available (millions), and the hassle of downloading and updating them constantly, will move the balance of power toward websites that look good on tablets.

So, save your money. Don’t develop an app. Create a special website aimed at your tablet and smart phone users, with a hot link to/from your regular site.

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