August 24, 2012

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll of registered voters found that 82% disapprove of the work being done on Capitol Hill, which is on par with voters in October 2008. A recent Gallup poll reported that Congress’s approval rating had hit 10%, matching a 38-year-low in that poll (last reached in February 2011).

Now, this isn’t a political blog, but it is a marketing blog and I just wonder what you would do if you knew the majority of your customer didn’t like you. Would you fill your ads with half-truths and lies about your product and your competitors’ product? Would you spend millions to make sure your management team stays in place?

Perhaps the reason that Capitol Hill can’t figure out how to stimulate America’s small business economy is that they don’t live in the same world as you and I. You couldn’t survive if 4 out of 5 customers disapproved of your service or product. Perhaps we have to accept this in government, since there is no competing product around. Just some food for thought for the weekend.

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