April 18, 2012

There has been a dramatic shift toward online (digital) and mobile advertising. As I explain in my local seminars and book, the internet is the most powerful one-on-one marketing tool available today. It lets you easily target just the people who are searching for your service/product and can give you clearly measurable numbers. If you know what you want to buy, the internet is today’s number top marketing tool.

But how do you “create need” from people who don’t know they need your service/product?  For expanding your market (introducing your product/service to potential customers) TV still plays a critical role, and ad spending supports this. The Wall St. Journal reported last month that preliminary figures for October and November 2011 showed overall ad spending fell 0.3% (Kantar Media Report), while TV spending soared 4.2% in the same period. Even internet ads, which had grown faster than TV earlier in the year, declined 5.3% in October and November.

Much of this TV ad growth was from political ads (and this will continue in 2012). Savvy media buyers know that the power of TV to “sell the sizzle” and reach a mass market is critical to branding and expanding a market. Plus, the most successful cable TV channels can give you the best of both worlds: the targeting value of the internet and the reach of TV.

So take time this week to review your media strategy. Remember, TV is virtually in every home in America, while high-speed internet reaches only 65% of these same homes.  A combination of internet and TV might be a winning ticket for your business.

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