March 19, 2012

Today’s post is aimed at the 43% of companies that have a blog (according to emarketer.com this is up from 34% in 2010). The two main reasons you have a blog is to build “organic” traffic to your website and to improve customer engagement. But for most of us the biggest challenge is keeping a blog active.

If you aren’t “posting” to your blog several times a week, your blog is probably worthless as a marketing tool. Now, I know how tough it is to keep this weekly posting schedule up! That’s why I’m intrigued by businesses that are using innovative steps to ensure blog content. Last summer my wife and I were among a group of visitors that were paid to blog during our trip to Alaska on the North to Alaska” site . Using interactive maps and their customers’ (visitors) comments, the site instantly had constantly changing blog posts.

One of the largest blogging projects I’m involved in is a national blog for a brand-new national retirement site, www.retireUSA.net. Aimed at the 79 million baby-boomers that are retiring (10,000 a day), the website contains 6,000 pages of information on every state and all major cities. RetireUSA has recruited a team of professionals and retirees as “Featured Bloggers” to keep their blog lively and relevant to the many interests of retirees.

So, before giving up on your blog, explore ways that more of your employees, customers or just friends can help increase timely content.

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