December 17, 2011

If you read this blog, you know that I am a big believer in YouTube. Making and posting simple videos that relate to your business should be a no brainer. The big boys know this. That’s why the online video data-gatherer Visible Measures, via All Things D, has rated a five-minute ad introducing the new iPhone as the Number One viewed video in 2011 at 28 million views.

Coming in second was a Google Chrome spot featuring Lady Gaga that had 22 million views. Is it surprising that Chrome is now the second most popular internet browser next to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? The point is that with smartphones and cheap video cameras almost anyone can post a video.

To make my point, I just spent 30 minutes creating a simple video of a recent golf game when a real duck decided to join our group:   http://youtu.be/pIO3m4_g4Tw … stupid, perhaps, but that’s my point. You never know if your video will be the one that goes viral Make using YouTube one of your marketing goals for 2012.

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