September 28, 2011

A key to being a market leader is protecting your turf. Right now we’re seeing this principle in play in the online world. Facebook claims over 750 million active users worldwide and Twitter says they have 100 million.

So, as Google announces a major expansion of their new social network Google+, which according to comScore had 25 million users in July, what is Facebook doing? They are quickly introducing new tools and they imitated Circles, the tool introduced by Google+ that lets users organize their social contacts. Because of their size, Google+ has a shot at creating a real social network, but Facebook isn’t going away without a fight (does anyone remember MySpace?).

What does all this have to do with your marketing? It’s a cautionary tale. Even if you are a dominant market leader you can’t rest. As I state in my book (www.powershiftmarketing.org), “Either you are moving ahead or moving backwards, there’s no status quo in successful marketing.”

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