September 21, 2011

I spent 15 years in the airline industry, back when pillows, blankets, magazines, your bag, and a meal were considered customer service.  Ah, how times have changed.  Soon we may be paying extra for a key to the emergency exit or for a seat belt.

According to a recent report, extra fees for service can add hundreds to your tickets. Airlines say they need these fees to make a profit. OK, but do they think their customers don’t realize what they really pay to travel?

It amazes me how many businesses believe that their customers are so ignorant they can’t do basic math. The marketing lesson here: Are you adding fees to your product or services that you “think” people won’t notice or care about? Don’t be fooled. Your customers do notice and if given a choice, they will eventually go somewhere else.  As I state in my book (www.powershiftmarketing.org), most people don’t have favorite companies, they have companies they avoid at all costs.

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