July 14, 2010

It has always surprised me how few companies facing marketing challenges are willing to change. They hired me, spend money for my time and expertise, I conduct research for them, and then when it comes time to implement the strategy, they pull back. Why? I recently read a review of a new book “The Invisible Gorilla” by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simmons that sheds some light on this reluctance to act. Read their book and you will know why my book (www.powershiftmarketingbook.com)  focuses on listening to your customer and embracing change.

Without going into detail, see reviews online (www.theinvisiblegorilla.com), the two neuroscientists argue that “everyday illusions” obscure our perceptions and “cause us to place undeserved trust in our instincts and intuitions.” As the WSJ review stated, “we seem to be wired to over trust our memories and overrate our abilities.” Another great quote from the review, “We can not always trust what seems most certain to us, especially when our judgments are aimed at ourselves.”

Bottom-line: Are you trusting your instincts and past experiences MORE than listening to your current customers and exploring fresh ideas? While everyday illusions can help us deal with life in general, they have limited value in your marketing effort.

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