June 30, 2010

One of the core principles of my PowerShift marketing approach is embracing change by taking time to explore future trends. As I state in my book, “you need to reach the future before your customer does.” This  is certainly easier said than done, just ask AOL. They paid $850 million in 2008 for Bebo. Now they are selling it for a fraction of the cost. Never heard of Bebo, you’re not alone. It was supposed to be the next FaceBook or MySpace.

Yes, it’s hard to have a crystal ball when it comes to new products, services or media options. But I still believe it is important to spend time every week exploring future trends. That’s why I’m urging my clients to seriously look at mobile ads, advertising on smart phones and other mobile devices like the iPad. Research firm eMarketer puts mobile ad spending at $593 million this year, a drop in the bucket compared with the $25 billion spent on online advertising.

But the future is so bright that two of the big dogs, Google and Apple, are already fighting for turf. Google blasted Apple for imposing rules on developers (Wall St. Journal, June 10th) that could bar Google and others from selling ads inside iPhone and iPad applications. Google has already bet heavily on mobile advertising by buying AdMob, which is a leading ad firm that places ads on mobile devices. If your key consumer is under 40 years old, spend some time on AdMob (http://www.admob.com/) learning about this new media option. It will be well worth your time.

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