June 21, 2010

As I mentioned in my book, “people deliver service, not companies.” That’s why I want to share one more customer service story. I have a home and office in Central Oregon. It is out in the middle of a forest, right on a river, and I love it. However, internet service is limited to satellite. If you have satellite, you know that it leaves a bit to be desired.  So, when Bend based Yellowknife Wireless (http://www.ykwc.com/), announced they were coming, I was one of the first to respond. Within days of their announcement, Bend Broadband was also on my doorstep offering a competing service. Yes, competition can be found even in the forest. After checking with a neighbor that had Yellowknife, I decided to give them a try. 

They arrived late for their appointment, not a good sign. But then I discovered why. Installing high speed in a rural, tree filled, neighbor is tricky. Yellowknife spent all afternoon trying to make my connection the best it could be.  Failing and running out of daylight, they hooked me up and apologized for the quality. They told me they would be back to make it better. Their temporary solution was certainly better than satellite, but not what they advertise.

A few weeks later (I did have to contact them), they were back and spent hours testing and moving my antenna to get a better signal. Well, they succeeded. My service is far faster than my service in Ashland, Oregon, which prides itself in being a “connected” community (the city is four million in debt because they thought government could do a better job than the private sector in providing internet – wrong). But I digress; my new high speed service is outstanding.

On both visits the installers were friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to delivering on their service promise. When it came time to pay, I thought I would have to pay for the weeks of limited service and the two service calls. Nope, I paid the agreed installation fee and they pro-rated my monthly fee. Yellowknife should be proud of their people and commitment to local service. Unfortunately, canceling my satellite service and paying a sizable cancellation fee wasn’t as pleasant. 

“People deliver service, not companies,” remember that the next time you are having a marketing meeting with your team.

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