June 9, 2010

As the old saying goes, “how time flies when you are having fun.” Well, it also flies when you are writing and promoting your first book. Now, as I finish up book revisions to send to the 100+ people who have been kind enough to read my book, I realized that since December 2009, my Marketing Blog has fallen into the trap that I warned everyone about on page 58, Section 4 (4th Gear) of my book: “lack of posting is the biggest problem with most business blogs.” 

Now, it may be true that the “coach” doesn’t haven’t to play the game, he just needs to know what plays to call… but this is still a bit embarrassing. So here’s my very late New Year’s resolution: weekly postings and updates to my marketing blog. To the people who have my book or just love learning about marketing, I hope you all will enjoy a more active blog. Therefore, out with the old (I’ve deleted all my old posts from 2009), and in with the new!

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